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What should I expect when I use vFit or vFit PLUS?

Wondering what it will feel like to use vFit or vFit PLUS? Here are a few things that you may experience:

vFit and vFit PLUS emit gentle heat, which improves circulation and is very pleasant to many women. Each of us is unique and experiences things differently. If it feels too warm, ease into it by starting with the 6-minute session and move up from there until you are comfortable with the vFit 10-minute session or the vFit PLUS 12-minute session.

vFit and vFit PLUS use LED lights. Did you know that the use of LED technology on the body was originally pioneered by the brilliant team at NASA in the 1960s? Things have certainly changed since the 60s, but the research and advancements around LED lights continue to grow. This same technology is used in various applications today, such as facial rejuvenation. The red LED lights are very bright and are supposed to be. The beautiful red glow you’ll see means your vFit or vFit PLUS is working exactly like it should be.

vFit has 6 vibration patterns for your customization. vFit PLUS has 10 vibration patterns. Play around and choose the pattern that you most enjoy.

Like any exercise program, we recommend gradually introducing vFit or vFit PLUS by slowly ramping up session times until your body gets used to things. This allows you to become familiar and comfortable with vFit or vFit PLUS and its modes and settings.

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